How to make video search engine optimization or friendly

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We know that videos is best platform to learn any tutorials, recipies, technology and use for Entertainment purpose. With the help of best videos you can easily increase your website traffic, viewers and followers. Important factor is in video SEO is no duplicate content issue in any own make videos. If your communication skills is good you can easily grown in video SEO.

How to make Videos SEO Friendly

Important points should be remember for best video Search Engine Optimizaton. These all are here.
1. Seperate videos keywords by hypen sign (-) instead of (_).
2. Promote your website?blog home url at the Strating or End of the videos.

3. Use third party hosting to upload videos ex. Youtube, dailymotion etc.
4. Mention video in the title of the post.
5. Mention about video in the description of the post.
6. Write some text around/near video.
7. In wordpress you can submit video sitemap to search engine.
8. You may be define your videos format like 3gp, mp4, HD. Because some viewers search by this if your videos about bollywood, songs, movies etc.
9. Sometime define quality of your videos, that is also increase your website traffic and SEO like HD, 1080p, 720p.

How to use Label and Add Label in Blogger

What is Label

Labels categories your contents in blog. Label is a keywords that's use for make difference between various topics. Labels are use anywhere blog, Website and Niche Blog. Labels search and hold all post to related keywords or topics.
Labels make easily searchable your content and post type in your website or blog. In example we are creating two different types of post title with two different label name

Post title "What is keywords research and how to use in blog Post"
Label name "SEO"

Post title "How to create blog in wordpress and host on server"
Label name "Hosting"
There are two labels SEO and Hosting when user select SEO label than find all post related to SEO either can go to Hosting label for view hosting related post. For easy understanding of label we are given screen shot with example.
Links of your labels search

Where: is a blog address

How to use Label in Blogger

Steps for create edit and delete labels in blogger

1. In this step we will create two post title with different labels or category
2. In this step we can see that  our created labels Hosting and SEO. So labels are created in blogger
3. How to add labels or categories gadgets in blogger

Steps for create labels gadgets in blogger

1. Go to layout section in Blogger Dashboard
2. And click +Add a Gadgets you can see a new popup window
3. Select labels according to this screen shot and click + Button
4. You can edit your option like Title, Show, Display etc.
5. Finally labels Gadgets show in our blog. See this screen shot.

What is Keywords Research? Google keywords planner tool Guide

What is Keywords Research

Keywords Research is all about content and post description. It is important topic in SEO world content, and fundamental part of online or digital marketing. With the help of keyword research we can assume keyword traffic of a particular search engine or a particular domain in any category like technology,  science, movies, music, videos, software, computer etc.

Keyword Research Process

1. Understand Your Business
2. Understand Your Brand
3. Understand Your Products
4. Understand Your Topics
5. Follow keywords research methods


Keywords Research Types or method

Many SEO experts works mainly four types of keywords Research for  search engine optimization in any website, blog or pages. These all are following.

1. By Search Engine Recommendation

Yes, when we enter any keyword in search engine search engine recommend extra words for search preference
Example : if you type “download facebook app” in search engine
Search engine recommend
“download facebook app for android”
“download facebook app for pc”
“download facebook app for blackberry”
“download facebook app for java”

2. By using Highlighted Searches

Yes this is another keywords research method in which collect keywords by search engine results pages.

3. By using SEO Based Searches

In which methods collect keywords by botttom of search engine pages like google gives results in bottom of pages, searches related to download facebook app.
Like :”download facebook app for android, download facebook  messaenger, download facebook app for android phones, download facebook app for samsung, download facebook app for pc, download facebook app for iphone, Facebook login” etc.

4. Keywords Planner Tool

Keywords planner is a tool that’s use for see keywords research, traffic, keywords statics of any website may be use by category or location. Keywords tool also useful for build advertise purpose. You can see more about keywords planner tool below headings.

Must Read

There are various keywords research tool available for SEO and Advertising. But in post we will understand google Adwords keyword planner tool.

  1. Google Adwords keyword planner
  2. Bing keyword research tool
  3. SEMrush keywords research

How to use google adwords keyword planner tool

1. Go to Google adwords keyword planner tool by the url 

2. Login to your google account and see this page and click first option search for new keywords using phrase, website or category.

3. In this step we enter our product or service like “java” and landing page like  your competitor website or top website in this service. We enter a java tutorial website and 3rd option is product category, like software, SEO, computer, web application. We are collect info about “web application” java service. Click get ideas.

4. This steps show two keywords idea “java documentation, web java”.

5. If you wants collect all keywords of this category modify searches and remove landing pages and also change categories.

6. New results are show keywords about service java and category jobs & education.We can also see ad group ideas keywords are related to java developer, java sun, oracle java, java tutorials, java ”. You just click on avg. monthly searches high like java & java tutorial. For see all keywords of sub category just click on right side of page add to plan (according to our screenshot).
7. In the right sidebar java tutorial highlighted and click on clip board for see keywords (you can also download CSV file of related keywords).

What is Salesforce? Services, Application in Cloud Computing

What is Salesforce

We are writing about Salesforce, It is #1 innovative Software Company in the IT world. It served CRM software through cloud computing services that provide Sales, Marketing, Automation, Partnership and Business Management application. is a cloud computing SaaS(Software as a Service) provider based company established in 1999 in San Fransisco. Salesforce large amount of revenue comes from the CRM.

Salesforce Services and Application

CRM(Customer Relationship Management): Salesforce Salesforce is the best automation CRM software company its software provides automatic email sent, alert etc, that can be used in various fields like business, medical etc. due to its cloud nature forget about hosting related issues now, enjoy salesforce cloud platform. 

You only pay for actual use, yes salesforce charges depends on pay-per-use and pay-per-user. 

Small Business and Marketing:

1. Email, Mobile and Web Marketing- Email sending, mobile and web marketing all handle by Salesforce CRM.
2. Social Media Marketing- Social media optimization and marketing also are done by CRM.
3. Advertising- Advertisements is managed by this application. In past, we are using a different platform for advertising.
4. B2B Marketing Automation- Buyer to Buyer marketing is very simple on this platform.
5. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)- Every web developer and a small business person needs a webmaster or SEO Executive for Management and Ranking. But if you are using this service, then you don't need any other webmasters.

Developers: Salesforce developers work on Application Life Cycle Management for creating an application in Salesforce platform. This is a process for managing application from Starting to Ending.

Technologies for developers are
1. Apex
2. VisualForce

Cloud Deployment Model? 4 Types with Examples

  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
Private cloud - allows services to be reached within an organization. At the same time, its personal nature provides more secure systems.

Many corporate IT environments can now be considered as private clouds because they support specific tasks for a single client and for the same customer, which are important for the success of a line of business.

Community Cloud - This cloud provides environment and services to be accessible by a group of organizations.

In a community cloud model, more than one group of common and specific needs share the cloud infrastructure, with strong security requirements such as the U.S. For federal agency cloud or privacy issues regulatory and policy-related requirements may include health and medical cloud. There is no mandate for infrastructure to become a base or off-site for qualifying as a community cloud.

Public cloud - This system and services allow the general public to be easily accessible, but due to its openness, perhaps less secure, e.g., e-mail

The public cloud deployment model is often considered as cloud, in which it is the majority capable and is shared by many customers/consumers, who have nothing in common. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google, but some, all public cloud services offered for the name

Hybrid Cloud - A hybrid cloud deployment is a combination of two or more deployment models with only one management framework, so that the environment is seen as a cloud, usually for purposes of "cloud-piercing" or "forced" Demand for a hybrid cloud solution in the environment is expected where strong requirements for safety and regulatory compliance exist with the requirements for value and performance.

Cloud Computing Service Model? What is IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
IaaSIaaS service models allow customers to take advantage of these massively scalable networks and data centers at a fraction of the cost associated with building and managing their own infrastructures.
IaaS is a base layer of cloud computing deals with virtual machines, storage(Hard Disk), Servers etc
Examples-  Amazon EC2, AT & T, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine.

PaaSFinally, Platform as a Service (PaaS) is best described as a development environment hosted on third-party infrastructure to facilitate rapid design, testing, and deployment of new applications. PaaS environments are often used as application “sandboxes,” where developers are free to create (and in a sense improvise) in an environment where the cost of consuming resources is greatly reduced.
PaaS a layer on top of IaaS work like Runtime(like Java Run Time), Database(like MySQL,oracle), Web Servers(Tomcat etc)
Examples- AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Heroku,, Google App Engine, Apache Stratos.
     (1) This is a development platform. This provide a simple user interface and lets users log in, build an app and push it in the cloud.
        (2)Google The Google's App Engine lets the users build, run and maintain their applications on Google's infrastructure.

SaaSSoftware as a Service (SaaS) is the cloud service model with which most individuals are familiar, even if they do not consider themselves cloud-savvy. Google’s Gmail, for example, is one of the most widely known and commonly used SaaS platforms existing today.
SaaS, simply put, is the ability to use a software package on someone else’s infrastructure.
SaaS a layer on top of PaaS work like Application email(Gmail,yahoo mail etc),social Networking Sites(Facebook etc)
Examples-Google Mail(Gmail), Google Doc,  Microsoft Office 365.
         (1)Gmail We all are familiar with Gmail , Gmail  live example of SaaS.

To quickly relate consider the below Google's offerings:

IAAS : Google Compute Engine (One can develop programs to be run on high performing google's computing infrastructure)
PAAS : Google App Engine (One can develop applications and let them execute on top of Google app engine which take care of the execution)
SAAS : Gmail, Google+ etc (One can use email services and extend gmail/google+ based applications to form newer applications).

What is Cloud Computing? Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Cloud computing is not one single technology, nor is it one single architecture.

Cloud computing is essentially the next phase of innovation and adoption of a platform for computing, networking, and storage technologies designed to provide rapid time to market and drastic cost reductions.

Definition from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

“Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

    Broad Network Access- Access to resources in the cloud is available over multiple device types. This not only includes the most common devices (laptops, workstations, and so on) but also mobile phones, thin clients, and the like.  
On-demand self-service- In non-cloud or legacy environments, when the end user can self-provision without interacting with the provider, the downstream result is usually extreme inefficiency a1nd waste.
Cloud-based architectures, however, are designed and built with self-provisioning in mind. In cloud computing , the lack of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software purpose-built for cloud automation led many companies to build their own frameworks to support these processes. While many companies do still use homegrown portals, adoption of COTS software packages designed to manage and automate enterprise workloads.   
Resource pooling- Resource pooling is a fundamental premise of scalability in the cloud. Without pooled computing, networks, and storage, a service provider must provision across multiple silos (discrete, independent resources with few or no interconnections.)  
Measured service- Measured service implies that usage of these pooled resources is monitored and reported to the consumer, providing visibility into rates of consumption and associated costs. Accurate measurement of resource consumption, for the purposes of chargeback (or merely for cross-departmental reporting and planning), has long been a wish-list item for IT stakeholders. Building and supporting a system capable of such granular reporting, however, has always been a tall order.
Rapid Elasticity- Elastic resources are critical to reducing costs and decreasing time to market (TTM). Indeed, the notion of elastic computing in the IT supply chain is so desirable that Amazon even named its cloud platform Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
Other- Agility, High availability and reliability, High Scalability, Multi-Sharing, Device and Location Independence, Low cost & Low Maintenance, Services in pay-per-use mode.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

(1)Lower cost computer software can be use- You can also use lower cost computer you don’t need purchase any heavy software packages because you are not using any software or desktop or laptop you are only using Browser.
(2)Lower IT infrastructure Cost- If you are Using Cloud computing you don’t need to invest in any larger Server.
(3)Lower Maintenance CostIf you are working In Cloud Computing so you don’t need to maintenance for Hardware & Software cost.
(4)Instant Software Update- Another software-related advantage in cloud computing is that users don't need to face with the choice between obsolete software and high upgrade costs. If the app is web-based, updates happen automatically and are available next time when the user logs in to the cloud.
(5)Computing Power Increase- The execution capacities of cloud servers are very high. It processes the application very fast.
(6)Unlimited Storage Power- Cloud offers you a huge amount of storage capacity like 2000 GB or more than that if required.1

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

(1)Require Constant Internet Connection- Cloud computing is impossible without Internet connection. To access any applications and documents you need a constant Internet connection.
(2)Require High Speed Internet ConnectionSimilarly, a low-speed Internet connection makes cloud computing painful at best and often impossible. Web based apps often require a lot of bandwidth to download, as need to download large documents.
(3)Security- With cloud computing, all your data is stored in the cloud. That's all well and good, but how secure in the cloud? Unauthorized users gain access to your confidential data when permission sets are not clears.