How to use Label and Add Label in Blogger


What is Label

Labels categories your contents in blog. Label is a keywords that's use for make difference between various topics. Labels are use anywhere blog, Website and Niche Blog. Labels search and hold all post to related keywords or topics.
Labels make easily searchable your content and post type in your website or blog. In example we are creating two different types of post title with two different label name

Post title "What is keywords research and how to use in blog Post"
Label name "SEO"

Post title "How to create blog in wordpress and host on server"
Label name "Hosting"
There are two labels SEO and Hosting when user select SEO label than find all post related to SEO either can go to Hosting label for view hosting related post. For easy understanding of label we are given screen shot with example.
Links of your labels search

Where: is a blog address

How to use Label in Blogger

Steps for create edit and delete labels in blogger

1. In this step we will create two post title with different labels or category
2. In this step we can see that  our created labels Hosting and SEO. So labels are created in blogger
3. How to add labels or categories gadgets in blogger

Steps for create labels gadgets in blogger

1. Go to layout section in Blogger Dashboard
2. And click +Add a Gadgets you can see a new popup window
3. Select labels according to this screen shot and click + Button
4. You can edit your option like Title, Show, Display etc.
5. Finally labels Gadgets show in our blog. See this screen shot.


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