What is Keywords Research? Google keywords planner tool Guide


What is Keywords Research

Keywords Research is all about content and post description. It is important topic in SEO world content, and fundamental part of online or digital marketing. With the help of keyword research we can assume keyword traffic of a particular search engine or a particular domain in any category like technology,  science, movies, music, videos, software, computer etc.

Keyword Research Process

1. Understand Your Business
2. Understand Your Brand
3. Understand Your Products
4. Understand Your Topics
5. Follow keywords research methods


Keywords Research Types or method

Many SEO experts works mainly four types of keywords Research for  search engine optimization in any website, blog or pages. These all are following.

1. By Search Engine Recommendation

Yes, when we enter any keyword in search engine search engine recommend extra words for search preference
Example : if you type “download facebook app” in search engine
Search engine recommend
“download facebook app for android”
“download facebook app for pc”
“download facebook app for blackberry”
“download facebook app for java”

2. By using Highlighted Searches

Yes this is another keywords research method in which collect keywords by search engine results pages.

3. By using SEO Based Searches

In which methods collect keywords by botttom of search engine pages like google gives results in bottom of pages, searches related to download facebook app.
Like :”download facebook app for android, download facebook  messaenger, download facebook app for android phones, download facebook app for samsung, download facebook app for pc, download facebook app for iphone, Facebook login” etc.

4. Keywords Planner Tool

Keywords planner is a tool that’s use for see keywords research, traffic, keywords statics of any website may be use by category or location. Keywords tool also useful for build advertise purpose. You can see more about keywords planner tool below headings.

Must Read

There are various keywords research tool available for SEO and Advertising. But in post we will understand google Adwords keyword planner tool.

  1. Google Adwords keyword planner
  2. Bing keyword research tool
  3. SEMrush keywords research
  4. Keyword.io
  5. SERPs.com
  6. Keywordspy.com
  7. keywordEye.com
  8. keywordtool.io
  9. wordstream.com

How to use google adwords keyword planner tool

1. Go to Google adwords keyword planner tool by the url https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home 

2. Login to your google account and see this page and click first option search for new keywords using phrase, website or category.

3. In this step we enter our product or service like “java” and landing page like  your competitor website or top website in this service. We enter a java tutorial website http://wwwjavatpoint.com and 3rd option is product category, like software, SEO, computer, web application. We are collect info about “web application” java service. Click get ideas.

4. This steps show two keywords idea “java documentation, web java”.

5. If you wants collect all keywords of this category modify searches and remove landing pages and also change categories.

6. New results are show keywords about service java and category jobs & education.We can also see ad group ideas keywords are related to java developer, java sun, oracle java, java tutorials, java ”. You just click on avg. monthly searches high like java & java tutorial. For see all keywords of sub category just click on right side of page add to plan (according to our screenshot).
7. In the right sidebar java tutorial highlighted and click on clip board for see keywords (you can also download CSV file of related keywords).


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